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Book Launch!

Saturday, March 30 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Red Round Globe Hot Burning
with Peter Linebaugh
We are thrilled to celebrate the launch of historian Peter Linebaugh's new book, Red Round Globe Hot Burning: A Tale at the Crossroads of Commons and Closure, of Love and Terror, of Race and Class, and of Kate and Ned Despard. 
Peter Linebaugh is a historian and the author of The Magna Carta Manifesto,The Incomplete, True, Authentic, and Wonderful History of May Day, and Stop, Thief!, among others, and the co-author, with Marcus Rediker, of The Many-Headed Hydra. His articles have appeared in publications that include CounterPunch, the New Left Review, and Radical History Review.
There will be light refreshments and a book signing.

On February 21, 1803, Colonel Edward (Ned) Marcus Despard was publicly hanged and decapitated in London before a crowd of 20,000 for organizing a revolutionary conspiracy to overthrow King George III. His black Caribbean wife, Catherine (Kate), helped to write his gallows speech in which he proclaimed that he was a friend to the poor and oppressed. He expressed trust that "the principles of freedom, of humanity, and of justice will triumph over falsehood, tyranny, and delusion."

And yet the world turned. From the connected events of the American, French, Haitian, and failed Irish Revolutions, to the Anthropocene's birth amidst enclosures, war-making global capitalism, slave labor plantations, and factory machine production, Red Round Globe Hot Burning throws readers into the pivotal moment of the last two millennia. This monumental history, packed with a wealth of detail, presents a comprehensive chronicle of the resistance to the demise of communal regimes. Peter Linebaugh's extraordinary narrative recovers the death-defying heroism of extended networks of underground resisters fighting against privatization of the commons accomplished by two new political entities, the U.S.A. and the U.K., that we now know would dispossess people around the world through today. Red Round Globe Hot Burning is the culmination of a lifetime of research - encapsulated through an epic tale of love.

"Peter Linebaugh is the best, most creative, most original historian living today. Red Round Globe Hot Burning can be seen as a distillation of his life's work. This is a window on the 600-year struggle over the commons that has a lot to say about our current times. Writing in prose that channels the poetry of William Blake in every sentence, this may be his most innovative book yet." - Robin Kelley, author of Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination

"It's often assumed that superb scholarship and beautiful writing are rival forces, but in Peter Linebaugh's work they are the same tremendous force evoking and contextualizing moments of crisis and possibility in the past with a vividness that casts new light on our own time." - Rebecca Solnit
"This wide-ranging, intricate, penetrating analysis of the developing process of enclosure and exploitation during a critical era of the development of capitalism in the Atlantic world, and the manifold modes of popular resistance, provides fascinating insight into the origins of our society, with rich implications for addressing its crimes and its current race to destruction."
- Noam Chomsky

April is National Poetry Month come celebrate with us! We will have light refreshments, tea to drink, and secrets to spill during a crash course on learning how to use Submittable to submit your poetry to literary journals and poetry contests.
We will begin with an open mic session in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

This event is part of a series held on the second Thursday of most months in partnership with Les Go Social Media Marketing and Training.

We are excited to welcome Julia Henshaw to celebrate the release of her memoir in essays, Real Good Stories: Then and Now! Based on her life and extensive travels, this wide-ranging collection will introduce you to a Detroit murderer or possibly two, a Buddhist nun in Hong Kong, a brief appearance by Eleanor Roosevelt, as well as a racist minister and the wet nurse of a baby bear.

A native of Charlottesville, Virginia, Julia Henshaw has lived for many years in Michigan where she worked as an art historian and editor. A lover of the outdoors, she is an environmental activist working for the preservation of farmland and natural areas. She lives with her partner on a small farm in Northfield Township. Light refreshments, signing to follow.












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